Waterproofing Chemicals

Waterproofing Chemicals

Organo proof is a white water soluble milky acrylic co-polymer compound additive. It forms a dusty grey coloured film. When added with cement and water it forms a water‐based protective elastomeric water proofing chemical coating. It can also be applied directly without cement on roof and walls to prevent water penetration. Upon applying it seals all minor and major cracks instantly and penetrates insides the pores to take shape of the cracks and forming an excellent film over the surface with good adhesion.


Organo proof when used as additive in cement it becomes a waterproofing coat increasing coverage and life of concrete. It gives a better bond when applied on wall before fillers and paint. It also gives a good bonding to new concrete over old concrete and protects reinforcement from corrosion.
Organo proof’s Waterproofing coat is resistant to chemicals, fungus and micro-organism growth.It provides surface a good finish and reduces permeability cause it is highly durable with continuous water contact. When applied on floor it improves impact resistance specially on industrial floorings. Thus in terms of waterproofing chemical it serves all its functions.


Water proofing chemical should be applied after making the surface dust free. Clean the surface with rough brush and wash it with water. Leave the surface to dry. Once completely dry you can apply coating chemical’s first coat.

Typical Properties

Appearance milky white liquid
Solid content 45%
Specific Gravity 1.1
PH when packed 8 to 9
Minimum Film forming temp.(MFT) 41 degree Fahrenheit / 5 degree centigrade
Shelf Life 1 year

Uses of Organo Proof

  • Floor coating to improve impact resistance in industrial shades.
  • Coating on roofs tops for water proof coating gives better strength and aesthetic look.
  • Excellent adhesion with old & new concrete.
  • For the new concrete slab (use of 1 to 2% organo proof on the weight of the Portland cement used) a long and trouble free life is achieved.
  • For leak proof over head tanks, Under ground tanks, Basement, Swimming Pools
  • For Bathrooms, Toilet Blocks
  • Filling Cracks & Joints
  • Stops water penetration in internal & external walls